Yes, all hardware can be shipped overseas. However we can’t ship doors internationally.

Of course you can! There is a track extension available which you can buy along with the track. We can make it in one piece up to 2600m.

We recommend a track length 2x the door width. The door width should always be bigger than the opening. You can order the next size up from the size of your track and we’ll cut it down free of charge.

Including the doors ideally 175mm
Made up by Door 40mm higher than opening Anti jump block 15mm Track 50mm track Wheel 70mm

A single hardware kit weights between 7 – 10Kg.

We aim for a 5mm gap.

All our systems come with a floor guides as standard.

Yes, this wouldn’t be a problem, as our wheels have sealed bearings. We would recommend using an extended painted finish such as Hammerite


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